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A Tribute to John Davis

In memoriam: John Davis

John Davis, a long-time friend of the Council of Canadians and defender of the ocean and coastal communities, passed away on Wednesday February 7th. John is remembered fondly for his incredible knowledge of the ocean, his sense of justice, his passion, his knack for persuasion, and his intense commitment to fighting for what’s right alongside his neighbours and friends. John never missed an opportunity to teach and guide us.

John was a strong ally to the Council of Canadians through our Campaign to Protect Offshore Nova Scotia from deep ocean drilling. Starting with the NO RIGS campaign in the 1980’s, John was one of the first voices calling for a moratorium on offshore drilling on Georges Bank. He was always willing to speak or appear at events and talks, and left an impression on everyone in those spaces. Marilyn Keddy, South Shore Chapter member and friend of John’s, says that “John was just always there. Come hell or high water, you could count on him being there. It is hard to imagine a world without John.” Merrill Heubach, close friend of John and South Shore chapter members, says “John never missed an opportunity to teach and guide us. We’re all keeping his work in the forefront of our hearts and minds.”

John’s memory inspires those who knew him to keep showing up, speaking up, and fighting for justice and dignity for our communities.