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The Council of Canadians

Introducing the Council’s new look

There comes a moment in the life of every not-for-profit organization when it’s time to freshen our look and update our vision to better reflect who we are and the progress we aspire to achieve.

For us at the Council of Canadians, that time is now.

I’m so excited to share our fresh (but familiar) Council of Canadians branding with you: our new logo, colours and fonts, as well as our refreshed mission and vision.

As you may know, our organization formed 35 years ago when a group of prominent Canadians came together to challenge political decisions that were moving our country towards increased U.S. power and global trade that prioritized corporations over people.

The Council’s campaigns have evolved since then, expanding into areas such as clean water, fair trade, public health care, democracy, Indigenous rights and the urgent action that is needed to address the climate crisis.

What has remained constant through the years is our belief that real and lasting social change is made when ordinary people like you and me – from across generations, across political stripes and across the country – come together to act for the common good.

Today, we’re more committed than ever to working with you to turn that belief into reality. You are the power behind the Council of Canadians, and we wanted our refreshed branding to show that.

Our new logo provides a nod to our roots – the maple leaf – but recognizes that it is only a part of our story. It is a story that needs to broaden to be inclusive to all peoples, including Indigenous Peoples, migrants and newcomers regardless of citizenship.

The upward slash in the logo indicates our forward movement together as we tackle the pressing social and economic injustices of our time.

For colours, we chose to expand on our historic shades of red, yellow and black to include more diversity of teal, magenta, blue and other colours that will highlight the diversity of our work and campaigns. These colours are dynamic and inviting, just like we want the Council to be. Through our past discussions with donors, we were also mindful to update the fonts we use to ones that keep our online and print materials legible for all readers.

But our refreshed logo, colours and fonts are just a start.

At the beginning of this year, we invited supporters like you to complete a survey to share your feedback on the issues you care about most and areas where the Council can improve. We heard you and took action.

Over the past year, with the help of your valuable feedback, as well as feedback from our chapter activists, staff and Board members, we worked to rebuild our mission, vision and values and our “story of self” as an organization to be more reflective of our longer-term strategic goals.

I hope you see our mission remains clear: to challenge corporate power and hold governments to account by organizing for collective action for people, the planet and our democracy.

I further hope you share my excitement with these updates and see them as welcome improvements to the organization you care so much about.

I’m grateful for your ongoing support and I am proud to work alongside you to build a better future for all.


Ravi Joshi
Director of Communications
The Council of Canadians