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Policy on Non-Partisanship

We do not endorse candidates, parties or holders of public office but we may support positions taken which are consistent with our own. However, we always retain our independence and freedom of action.

In keeping with this policy of non-partisanship the Council of Canadians does not share our membership lists, use the Council’s name in a partisan way, or engage in the internal matters of a political party.

In order to achieve our goals and missions, the Council of Canadians believes in active citizen involvement in the electoral process. Individual members are encouraged to participate in electoral politics but their participation should not be in the name of the Council of Canadians.

In the event that a member of the Council’s Board of Directors seeks public office he/she will be considered to have stepped down from the Board for the duration of the election campaign and, if elected, will be considered to have resigned from the Board.

Adopted by the Board on 1 February 2004
Amended by the Board on 13 June 2009