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Chris D'Lima

A tribute to Chris D’Lima, Red Deer chapter activist

It is with great sadness we inform you about the passing of Chris D’Lima, one of the central activists of the Red Deer Chapter of the Council of Canadians, on April 21, 2022.

Chris was involved with the Council of Canadians for over two decades, and became a member of the Red Deer chapter after retiring from his work as a counsellor with Alberta Health Services. He cared deeply about environmental and social issues, and found a social movement home in the work of the Council of Canadians. Over the course of his time with CofC, Chris was active on many issues locally, including working alongside farmers, ranchers and other groups opposing gravel and sand mining from the Red Deer River. He was also integral to the chapter’s work around water, fracking, and just transition, and most recently was engaged in raising awareness and opposition in Red Deer to coal mining in the Rockies.

Members of the chapter and the national organization remember Chris as the kind of guy one would hold up as an example for others – he invited people into the work, he showed up, he was central in organizing events, and he was always generous with his time and energy. Many staff members and chapter members from across the country have fond memories of talking and dreaming with Chris at national meetings in Ottawa, and attending events like the World Social Forum with him.

Chris will be missed for many reasons, especially for his positivity and optimism in the face of challenging fights for justice. The Council of Canadians is grateful for Chris’ commitment and work, and honour his life and his contributions to building a better world.