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Tribute to Wayne Bradley

It is with a huge sense of sadness and loss that we inform you about the passing of Wayne Bradley, probably the most central activist within the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, on April 3, 2021. 

Wayne was instrumental in setting up the first chapter of the Council of Canadians in the Comox Valley. Although never on the steering committee himself, he managed to gather others who were. And when Maude Barlow gave one of her talks in the Valley back in 1996, Wayne was there, always ready to engage in dialogue. He was one of those rare individuals who knew exactly what questions to ask, as he was very literate about the pressing issues of our time.  

For many years, Wayne and his wife Janet have also been some of the key organizers in a non-profit organization called World Community Development Education Society, commonly known as World Community. The group supports organic coffee growers and community health workers in Nicaragua.  

Not only do they sell fair trade products from Nicaragua, but they have also been running a social and environmental justice film festival for the last 30 years. Hundreds of people attend this 2-day festival every year and they also show films once a month.  

This couple have been the movers and shakers of our Comox Valley for a long time, always gathering people for a purpose. Whatever the issue, Wayne and Janet have been central to organizing the rest of us. Wayne never shied away from making bold statements about equality, justice, or the environment, always challenging the status quo. 

Wayne’s passing in this extreme time of crisis for people’s health, wellbeing, and the planet, is a significant loss of leadership and strength within our activist community. He will be sadly missed. 

Wayne and Janet getting an award