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Climate Workers Webinar Series

Jobs, Justice and Climate – Workers’ Webinar Series

It has been impossible to escape the impacts of climate disasters this summer. Fires, floods, and heat domes have impacted our safety, our health, and how we support our families.

We know that workers across sectors are already navigating climate impacts, from dangerous levels of heat in their workplaces to uncertainty about how decarbonization will affect their jobs – in this sense, we are all climate workers. Simultaneously, the federal government is debating the Sustainable Jobs Act that will shape the future of work as we transition away from fossil fuels.

To ensure that this legislation gives all impacted communities the tools they need as we make the necessary transition off fossil fuels, we need to listen to workers and ask our MPs to do the same!

Join us for a regional webinar series featuring conversations with workers impacted by the climate crisis and energy transitions. They will discuss their hopes, fears, and demands as the world addresses the impacts of climate change and shifts away from fossil fuels.

The Prairies webinar took place on December 5, 2023.

Hosted by Chris Kruszewski with the Council of Canadians, we heard from workers across sectors, including:

  • Adama Bundu, farmworker, NFU farmer worker working group & BIPOC Caucus
  • Zane McKinnon, carpenter and certified passive house consultant, board member with Sustainable Building Manitoba
  • Nishell Selinger, millwright, USW Local 7552

The Atlantic webinar previously scheduled for November 28 is postponed until January 2024, TBA

The Ontario hybrid webinar took place on November 20, 2023, and was co-hosted by the Council of Canadians, Justice for Workers, and Blue Green Canada at the Ontario Federation of Labour Convention.

The conversation was hosted by Pam Frache from Workers Action Centre and featured workers across sectors, including:

  • Trevor Haché, 4th year apprentice plumber, UA Local 71
  • Rebecca Keetch, rank and file autoworker
  • Jess, former farmworker, Migrant Workers Alliance for Change

Hosted by the Council of Canadians, the Worker Solidarity Network and Wilderness Committee on October 24, 2023, the Pacific Region edition was attended by more than 50 participants. It featured a lively conversation between four workers about the impact of climate change and why a just transition is necessary for migrant workers, wildfire firefighters, aluminum smelter workers, and transit workers.

Hosted by Cassidy Crowe from the Worker Solidarity Network, we heard from workers across sectors, including:

  • Byron Cruz, Migrant Worker Program Coordinator, BC Federation of Labour
  • Ivan Drury, Transportation, ATU Local 1724
  • Cliff Madsen, Aluminum sector worker, Unifor Local 2301
  • Mike Fancie, Community Engagement Coordinator, Yukon Fire