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(RECORDING) Communities, Not Corporations: Transition for People and the Planet

Join the Council of Canadians for a webinar series on combatting false solutions to climate change beginning on May 24, 2023.

In the context of the federal government’s impending Sustainable Jobs legislation, we’ll be featuring renowned speakers and experts who will share their insights on how to build community-based and worker approved solutions that are underpinned by good regulations, instead of relying on market-based approaches that only benefit big corporations. We’ll also be featuring workers from communities across the country who are imagining what their sector could look like in the process of a just transition.

NATIONAL WEBINAR: “Communities, Not Corporations: Transition for People and the Planet”

Canada’s transition away from fossil fuels needs to be a process that benefits workers, communities, and the climate. While the “Interim Sustainable Jobs Plan” is a step in the right direction, there are also notable absences and loopholes that will solely benefit fossil fuel companies and the ultra wealthy.

Join the Council of Canadians, Iron & Earth, BlueGreen Canada, 350 Canada and others for “Communities, Not Corporations: Transition for People and the Planet”. Hosted by Anjali Appadurai, renowned activists and experts will share insights on the federal Sustainable Jobs Plan and explore how to win strong legislation that invests in Indigenous sovereignty, workers, and communities rather than false, market-based solutions that line the pockets of corporations and the ultra-wealthy.

Ana Guerra Marin

Ana Guerra Marin

Communities Director and Just Transition Lead, Iron & Earth

Anjali Appadurai

Anjali Appadurai

Director of Campaigns, Climate Emergency Unit


Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood

Senior Researcher, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Heather Milton-Lightening

Heather Milton-Lightening

Treaty 4 rights and title holder and environmental justice organizer

Jamie Kirkpatrick

Senior Program Manager, BlueGreen Canada

Julia Levin

Associate Director, Environmental Defence

Tiffany Balducci

Tiffany Balducci

2nd Vice President of CUPE Ontario

Join us to learn and take action to demand strong sustainable jobs legislation that puts people before profit!

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