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(Recording) Imagining the Green New Deal – from local to global

Join the Council of Canadians and our Fredericton Chapter in imagining a Green New Deal. In this session we will look at a few bold proposals for real transformations in our response to COVID-19, and in our public services.

You’ll hear from George Nickerson from Fredericton Local 054 of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers about their campaign called Delivering Community Power, which proposes to vastly reshape the services of Canada Post to include postal banking, clean energy generation, seniors’ care, and a made-in-Canada electric fleet of vehicles.

Green Jobs Oshawa organizer Rebecca Keetch will address the group’s bold and urgent proposal to retool the mostly vacant GM factory in Oshawa, Ontario, so it can produce medical equipment immediately, and over the long term transition to manufacturing electric vehicles.

We need to start imagining how we can rebuild our post-pandemic society so that it works for everyone and the planet. We can start now by supporting these two exciting proposals and start to think about creating our own bold proposals in our communities.