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Natalie Mehra on the privatization of Ontario's health care system

Webinar with Natalie Mehra on the privatization of Ontario’s health care system

Ontario’s public health care and long-term care are in crisis, and that crisis has been created and deliberately worsened by the Ford government’s campaign to privatize health services. On October 26th, the Ontario Health Coalition (OHC) released a briefing note charging that the Ford government lied to the public about its privatization of Ontario’s public hospital services.

The OHC reported that the Ford government significantly increased funding to private clinics while at the same time denying that they were expanding the private clinics. The denials were made in written and verbal statements to media across Ontario in the months leading to the last provincial election. Then, as soon as the election was over, the Ford government announced it is indeed going to privatize our public hospitals’ services.

To learn more about the crisis and the Ontario government’s campaign for privatization, join the London chapter of the Council of Canadians via Zoom on November 23rd at 7:45 p.m. for the public portion of their AGM. Executive Director of the Ontario Health Coalition, Natalie Mehra, will give the keynote address, “The Crisis in Public Health Care / Long Term Care and Ford’s Unprecedented Plans to Privatize.”

Natalie Mehra has been the Executive Director of the Ontario Health Coalition for over 21 years. She has built the Health Coalition into the largest and broadest public interest group on health care in the province, representing more than half a million Ontarians in its network of more than 400 member organizations and more than 50 local chapters.