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  • Representatives of the collective “Putaendo Resiste” from Chile’s central region speak about their long struggle to declare themselves “Chile’s first territory free of mining” and how that process has recently been made even more complicated due to COVID-19. MiningWatch Canada will also briefly update on the project and its links to Canadian capital. Over the last decade, Canada has become the most important foreign investor in mining in Chile. The conflict in Putaendo with “Los Andes Copper” represents the power of Canadian interests in mining development in Chile.

  • This webinar features Mike Davis, Maude Barlow and Martin Schirdewan and took place on May 6, 2020.

  • With Maude Barlow (Canada), Robert Bilott (USA) and Andy Szasz (USA, moderator)

  • Webinar on the high stakes of public-private partnerships, the Canada Infrastructure Bank, and a green & just economic recovery from COVID.
    About this Event

    The Canadian government is planning to spend billions on infrastructure to stimulate the economy and recover from COVID-19, including new transit projects and green infrastructure.

  • This webinar features Walden Bello, Thea Riofrancos and Grace Blakeley and took place on April 29, 2020.

  • Join RAVEN and the Council of Canadians for a three-part webinar series focused on national resistance to LNG – aka fracked gas. The narrative peddled by government and industry is that LNG is “ethical,” “environmental,” and “economic.” We’ll bring together fantastic expert guests and frontline activists to debunk that myth, while connecting the dots of resistance from coast to coast to coast.

  • Join the Council of Canadians and our Fredericton Chapter in imagining a Green New Deal. In this session we will look at a few bold proposals for real transformations in our response to COVID-19, and in our public services.

    You'll hear from George Nickerson from Fredericton Local 054 of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers about their campaign called Delivering Community Power, which proposes to vastly reshape the services of Canada Post to include postal banking, clean energy generation, seniors’ care, and a made-in-Canada electric fleet of vehicles.

  • Joey Hartman, a Council of Canadians board member, presents tips on successful lobbying in this webinar.

    Topics covered include: