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clean electricity regulations

Clean Electricity Regulations letter

In 2021, the federal Liberal government promised Clean Electricity Regulations to decarbonize our electricity grid by 2035.  

Decarbonizing our electricity grid is 100% possible, and is a significant step in Canada meeting our climate commitments. These regulations also provide an opportunity in this cost-of-living crisis for further energy affordability and energy security.  

However, in order for these benefits to be fully felt, it’s crucial that Clean Electricity Regulations do not compromise – and fossil fuel lobbyists have been very effective at pushing for extensions, exemptions and loopholes that threaten the effectiveness of these regulations.  

Join us, the David Suzuki Foundation, allies, and thousands of Canadians in demanding of the Federal government that Clean Electricity Regulations benefit Indigenous communities, workers, and their communities, must not allow for further fossil fuel electricity generation, and must have a goal of zero-emissions rather than net-zero electricity generation.  

Send an email to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change today and ask them to decarbonize our electricity grid by 2035, as was promised.