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Climate Change Accountability Act delayed again

I just returned from witnessing the House of Commons vote on whether to extend the review of the Climate Change Accountability Act at the Committee level – and it’s not good news.

169 voted for the extension, 93 against. Conservations and Liberals present (minus 6 Liberals that voted against) voted for the extension. NDP and Bloc MPs present voted against.

Today’s vote is a missed opportunity to move forward this critical bill to third reading – the passage of Bill C-311 would give the Canadian delegation respectable targets heading into Copenhagen negotiations.

While it is still feasible for the Bill to be passed shortly before or during the important Copenhagen negotiations, the extension makes this outcome much less likely.

This means that there needs to be increased pressure on Committee members to move BIll C-311 back to the House of Commons for final vote as soon as possible. Please use our action alert to send committee members an email.

The good news.

With over 4000 actions being planned worldwide, the October 24 International Day of Climate Action is shaping up to be the world’s largest political demonstration against climate change. Find an action near you and join others in sending our political leaders the clear message that we need stronger global climate action! Find out how you can get involved at: and the Council of Canadians new climate justice webpage