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Michaëlle Jean condemns the killing of Mariano Abarca Roblero

The Globe and Mail reports that, “Governor-General Michaëlle Jean condemned the killing of an activist (Mariano Abarca Roblero) opposed to a Canadian mine during the last day of a state visit to Mexico while (about 50) protesters chanted ‘Canada, get out.'”

“’We find (the murder) deplorable, inexcusable,’ Ms. Jean said in a statement Wednesday. ‘We will be following this situation closely with the firm hope and conviction that justice will be served.'”

“Mr. Abarca Roblero was gunned down in front of his home in southern Chiapas last month. The community leader had been campaigning against a barite mine operated by a subsidiary of Calgary-based Blackfire Exploration.”

Abarca Roblero blamed the mining company for contaminated local rivers and for the death of local crops and livestock.

“Three men arrested in Mr. Abarca Roblero’s death have ties to Blackfire, either as current or former employees.”

“State authorities, citing environmental concerns, temporarily shut down the mine this week.” The president of Blackfire expects the mine to re-open by Monday.

“Family and supporters of Mr. Abarca Roblero had requested a meeting with the Governor-General, but Minister of State of Foreign Affairs Peter Kent, who was also on the state visit, said it was impossible to schedule.”

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