Brent Patterson
12 years ago
CBC reports today that, "A coalition of Canadian and U.S. environmental groups has launched a cross-border campaign ahead of Barack Obama's visit to Canada, urging the U.S. president to stick to his new energy plan amid possible pleas for him to support oil production from the Alberta oilsands." OBAMA2CANADA.ORG "Toronto-based Environmental Defence, Washington-based Earthworks and 14 other groups (including the Council of Canadians) have produced a newspaper advertising campaign that will start running Tuesday. They are also launching Obama2Canada.org and urging supporters to sign petitions to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Obama..." NO TAR SANDS EXEMPTION IN CLIMATE PACT "One ad — aimed at lawmakers and running in Roll Call, a prominent Capitol Hill newspaper in Washington — says: 'On February 19 Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will try to sell President Obama on a North American climate pact that gives special treatment to the tarsands in Alberta, the source of the dirtiest oil on earth. Tarsands don't fit into the new energy economy.'" The full article is at http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2009/02/09/us-environmentalgroup.html