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St. John’s chapter co-sponsors public forum on electoral reform, March 31

The Council of Canadians St. John’s chapter is co-sponsoring a Democracy Alert public forum on electoral reform.

The outreach for the event notes, “Democracy Alert is a Newfoundland & Labrador based group that is committed to strengthening our democracy through education, engagement, and electoral reform. On March 31st we will be holding a public forum to discuss how we currently elect our government and what changes could be made. The forum will include a series of short presentations on electoral reform both federally, and provincially, and an overview of the benefits of proportional representation. The presentations will be followed by a round table discussion and a question & answer session where participants will have the opportunity to offer their input on electoral reform.”

The promotion highlights:

Why should you attend this event?

-Learn about the current voting systems and the reasons why it isn’t working for our province and country.

-Discover and give input on alternative methods for electing political leaders.

-Share and listen to how electoral reform can help communities that are perpetually marginalized by the current system.

-Provide feedback on Democracy Alert’s idea for electoral reform provincially and federally.

-Become part of a movement that will make monumental changes in the future democratic process.

Council of Canadians chapters across the country continue to push for electoral reform and proportional representation.

We maintain that the Trudeau government must – as they promised during the October 2015 federal election – introduce legislation by May of this year to enact electoral reform in time for the October 21, 2019 federal election.

We are currently also calling on the three Liberal candidates expected to win the April 3 by-elections in long-held Liberal ridings to pledge to be a strong voice within the Liberal caucus to push for electoral reform in the weeks leading up to this critical deadline.

To add your voice to that appeal, please see this action alert.

For the Facebook promotion for the St. John’s chapter event on March 31, please click here.