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Stopping Parliament’s echo-chamber on privatization

The halls of power are an echo chamber.

I watched this in action last week — and realized how desperately we need to interrupt this echo chamber with a real focus on people and communities.

Our Chairperson, John Cartwright, recently addressed the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure, and Communities, where he passionately argued against Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) in critical areas like roads, bridges, water, transit, and hospitals.

WATCH: John Cartwright on P3s

He exposed the wasteful and greedy ideology fueling privatization in Canada’s current for-profit financing scheme for communities.

WATCH: John Cartwright on the risk of P3s for the public

This means we’ll end up paying more to line investors’ pockets, at the expense of the rest of us.

WATCH: John Cartwright on public investment for private infrastructure

The rest of the meeting (watch it here) missed the mark on federal funding for communities who need truly public federal funding for the common good.

With your help, we can cut through the privatization noise and prioritize the public interest. Your donation enables us to advocate, take action, and exert pressure on MPs to resist the control of lobbyists in Ottawa.

Thank you for joining with us.

Ravi Joshi

Ravi Joshi

Ravi Joshi is a Council of Canadians Co-Executive Director.