Molly Kane

Molly Kane

Please note: As of Monday, March 23rd, Molly Kane is on leave from the Council of Canadians. During her leave, Christina Warner (Director of Campaigns and Organizing) and Ravi Joshi (Director of Communications) will be acting Co-Directors for the Council.

Molly Kane is the former executive director of the international social justice organization, Inter Pares, and has extensive experience in organizational development including generational renewal, program transformation, and governance.

There is no doubt that we live in challenging times for our movement, our country and the world. At the same time, we are also aware of the unique capacity and the great potential of the Council of Canadians to face those challenges by embracing the future with hope – strengthening solidarity among social movements, and nurturing creativity and enthusiasm with others in our collective action for change.

Molly brings over thirty-five years of experience in social, economic and environmental justice providing leadership in movement building, social and economic analysis, organizational development and fundraising. She started her career carrying out community-based popular education programs and continues to have a keen interest in effective approaches to public education and mobilization campaigns. Molly has provided leadership in renewal processes with a variety of organizations and coalitions in many parts of the world.

As Canada and the world enter a new era in experiencing the impacts of climate disruption, corporate globalization, and increasing threats to democracy, the need for strong, fearless leadership is more critical than ever. Fluent in French and English, Molly has enjoyed working with people across many linguistic, geographic, cultural and generational distances.

With the solidarity of allies, chapter members and supporters across Canada, the Council of Canadians is passionately committed to struggles for economic and social justice, the protection of the Commons, and democracy.