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126 countries to attend UN conference on global financial crisis

Tomorrow, the United Nations Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development will begin and run through to Friday June 26.

This conference has been described as a G192 conference given the number of countries that participate in the United Nations General Assembly.

The Associated Press now reports that, “According to the latest figures on Monday, 126 countries will participate — 14 heads of state and government, four vice-presidents, three deputy prime ministers, 32 ministers, 28 vice-ministers and many ambassadors.”

The Council of Canadians believes that Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Trade Minister Stockwell Day should attend the G192 conference. But rather than mistakenly continuing to promote free trade as the answer to this global economic recession, they should support the emerging G192 draft declaration and actions that will address unemployment, poverty and hunger both around the world and here in Canada.

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