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ACTION ALERT: Call for all Site 41 charges to be dropped

As we note on our website at http://canadians.org/site41, “In an effort to have all charges dropped against the 17 Site 41 protesters, including Ina Wood, 76 and Keith Wood 82, the Anishinabe Kweag Protest Group, who protested for 137 days at Site 41, has launched an online and paper petition to the Attorney General of Ontario Chris Bentley.”

The petition is available on-line. To sign it please go to www.stopdumpsite41.ca.

To see our September 18 media release and letter to the attorney general calling for the charges to be dropped, please go to http://canadians.org/media/water/2009/18-Sept-09.html.

In the letter, Maude Barlow writes,“The Council of Canadians is respectfully asking that the Crown consider the extenuating circumstances which led to these law abiding and deeply respected people being arrested. If real justice is to be served, these unjust charges need to be dropped. Water is fundamental to all life and access to safe drinking water must be enshrined at all levels of government. Unfortunately, the failure to recognize water as a human right in Canada leaves communities with little recourse when their drinking water is threatened.”