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ACTION ALERT: Defend the Wall Street Occupation from eviction on Oct. 14

It is now being widely reported that the New York Police Department, under orders from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, will attempt to evict Occupy Wall Street from Zuccotti Park tomorrow (Oct. 14) at 7 am ET. The Council of Canadians calls on you to take action to defend the occupation.

1. MoveOn.org has started a petition drive calling on Bloomberg not to evict the occupation. To sign that petition tonight, please go to http://civ.moveon.org/defend_ows_rebuild/. (Canadians were adding 90210 for the zip code required by this alert.)

2. Avaaz.org is asking people to call 212-NEW-YORK to demand that Bloomberg stop the eviction, http://www.avaaz.org/en/emergency_callin_to_stop_eviction/?cl=1333626199&v=10700. This 311 city services line is already jammed from a high volume of calls.

3. Avaaz.org and Leadnow.ca are both highlighting that Brookfield Asset Management, a Canadian company, owns Zuccotti Park and that they want Occupy evicted to ‘clean’ the park. You can send Brookfield an e-mail through http://www.leadnow.ca/stop-occupy-wall-street-eviction. You can also call Brookfield CEO Richard Clark at 1-212-417-7063 or the Brookfield Canada headquarters at 1-416-369-2300.

4. If you are in the New York City area, please join a non-violent direct action against the eviction being organized for 6 am ET.

For Council of Canadians blogs in support of Occupy, please see http://canadians.org/blog/?s=%22occupy%22+%2B+%22wall+street%22. Council of Canadians members, chapter activists, Board members, and staff will be at Occupy locations across Canada on Saturday October 15.