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ACTION ALERT: End fossil fuel subsidies!

Well, if you need yet more proof that Canada is falling far behind on taking action to address the climate crisis, look no further than newly released figures on the Environment Canada site, quietly released this week (see Brent Patterson’s blog here). The startling figures indicate that our emissions, under existing policies, are on track to be 30% above the Harper government’s emission reduction target for 2020.

Bear in mind that this target, when using the standard 1990 baseline year, is a 2.5% increase by 2020 above 1990 levels. Compare this to the 45% cuts below 1990 levels demanded by over 100 Global South countries (or developing countries), others call for 40% and 50%. 

Evidence is mounting that climate change is already accelerating faster than predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). A number of well known and respected climate scientists are now recognizing that the higher end of the IPCC’s recommendation of 25-40% emission reductions by 2020 may not even be enough to turn the corner on the crisis we face.

Feeling frustrated?  I know I am. Not only do we lack the policies to meet our emission reduction target, our target is far from what science and many in the Global South  are demanding is necessary to avoid the worst of climate change. 

 Want to do something about it? I know I do. 

Why not start by contacting your MP.

We’ve issued an action alert  urging people to contact their MPs demanding what they will do to ensure that fossil fuel subsidies end with the release of the next federal budget. This is a demand being made by Canadians across the country – a number of action alerts are being circulated.

While this may sound like a small, simple action – ending fossil fuel subsidies is one of many policies needed – it is something that can and must change soon, and it offers a starting point to have a conversation with your MP about Canada’s climate policies.

Canada is subsidizing the fossil fuel industry to the tune of $1.38 billion annually! There are so many ways that $1.38 billion could be better spent.

Ending these subsidies is only a starting point, something that should have been done ages ago. We need policies that end new fossil fuel exploration and projects, regulate greenhouse gas emissions without loopholes like offsets and repay our climate debt to the Global South. We need to stop trying to become an energy super power and focus on generating energy to meet community, and Canadian needs – while ensuring energy is used as efficiently and sparingly – in the least environmentally and socially destructive methods possible. We need to invest in the right areas like energy conservation and efficiency, public and community ownership of renewable energy, public transit and sustainable agriculture.