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ACTION ALERT- Save Canada Post

The Council of Canadians supports the Canadian Union of Postal Workers campaign to stop the cutbacks to our public postal service.

CUPW states, “On December 11, 2013, Canada Post announced drastic cutbacks to our public postal service. The Conservative government supports Canada Post’s plan to eliminate all door-to-door mail delivery and dramatically increase stamp prices. This is just the latest attack on your public postal service. Compare this to other post offices around the world, which are facing their challenges through innovative services, such as postal banking.”

Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow says, “This is yet another case of a Harper-driven impoverishment of an essential service. It will negatively affect seniors, people with disabilities and other Canadians who rely on the mail. It will cut donations to charities and non profits at a time they are struggling. And it will set Canada Post up for privatisation down the road. Harper has given massive tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy and removed from the public purse all the money we need for this and other services.”

We ask that our supporters send a letter or sign an on-line message from CUPW that will forward an e-mail to Lisa Raitt, the Minister responsible for Canada Post, as well as the postal critics of the opposition parties, and Denis Lemelin, the CUPW National President. The letter states:

I want to let you know I am upset the Conservative government approved Canada Post’s plan to end door-to-door mail delivery and drastically increase stamp prices.

This decision will have a serious impact on me, my family, friends and community. It will also hurt people with disabilities and seniors.

I believe Canada Post could preserve public postal service and improve its financial position by expanding parcel delivery and adding lucrative banking and financial services.

I value my public postal service. Tell Canada Post to scrap their plan. Please save Canada Post.

CUPW also asks that you print and display a window sign, learn more about their campaign, or even purchase a ‘Save Canada Post’ t-shirt or hat.

Save Canada Post

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