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ACTION ALERT: Send in your photo challenging the Harper government’s lobbying in the EU

Our allies, the UK Tar Sands Network and Friends of the Earth recently brought a giant Tar Monster to the doors of a local MP Norman Baker, to highlight his role in opposing action to cut the use of tar sands crude in the UK.

As their press release explains:

The Canadian government has been engaged in a mammoth lobbying offensive [4] against the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) for over two years, and has now openly vowed war [5] on the legislation, claiming that it threatens future export markets for global unconventional oil, and unfairly discriminates against the tar sands. In recent months, as the decision now goes to EU member states, the UK government has escalated its support of the Canadian position, going so far as to lobby other EU states to reject the inclusion of tar sands in the FQD [6]. As minister responsible for the UK position [7], Norman Baker has been the focus of intensive campaigning on this issue by NGOs and climate campaigners for recent months [8].

You can read more about their action here and see their photo’s here.

TAKE ACTION: The Council of Canadians has an ongoing action alert that helps Canadians send their messages of support for the EU FQD, and against the Harper and Altertan government lobbying, to Europeans.

Visit the action alert: It’s simple. Get a piece of paper or card stock, use our template message bubble, write your message, snap a shot and send us the photo! If you have any upcoming chapter meetings, tabling or events, make sure to bring your props and a camera and submit your pictures to our gallery.

We will creatively deliver these photos before a critical January 19 vote on the EU FQD. This will include:

Working with the UK Tar Sands Network on EU based actions featuring the photos

Sharing the gallery with EU MEPs

Sharing the gallery on a lobby busting tour of EU embassies in Ottawa

We currently have 62 photos in our gallery, our goal is to have over 100 photos by January 9 – help us reach our goal!