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Action Alert: Take the pledge and Unbottle it! on March 10th

March 10 is Bottled Water Free Day. People all across Canada and the world are taking a stand in support of public water and against the privatization of our water resources.

Canada has one of the best drinking water systems in the world, but the bottled water industry has worked hard to undermine our faith in public water. The industry sells water – what should be a shared public resource – for huge profits. Producing and transporting bottled water requires large amounts of fossil fuels, and plastic water bottles continue to end up by the millions in local landfills. We are not immune to the growing threats of water scarcity in Canada. Twenty per cent of Canadian municipalities have faced shortages in recent years. Bottled water production places huge stresses on increasingly scarce water resources.

We invite you and your friends, family and colleagues to join communities across Canada and the world to take action to ban the bottle and reclaim public water tomorrow!

To Take the Pledge, click here.

To Register an event, click here.

For more information on bottled water including jurisdictions and institutions that have banned bottled water and ways to ban bottled water, click here.