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ACTION ALERT: Tell Rex Murphy you’re opposed to the China-Canada investment treaty

This Sunday, CBC’s Cross Country Checkup is asking “Is foreign investment good for the economy.” Host Rex Murphy will take calls and emails starting at 4 p.m. ET on Sunday, October 28. The toll-free number for the show is 1-888-416-8333.

This is a perfect opportunity to talk about the China-Canada investment treaty (FIPA), why giving corporations excessive rights to challenge sovereign decisions over energy, environmental and other public policies is wrong, and why Parliament has a responsibility to debate the FIPA before it is ratified, possibly as soon as November 1.

Then listen to the show this Sunday and ask your friends to do the same. Foreign investment is not a bad thing for Canada. But on the terms of the China FIPA and other investment treaties Canada has signed, foreign investment can overpower other social priorities and undermine our basic notions of democracy.

These treaties are one way — the public cannot use them to make sure corporations are held accountable for their actions, but governments must second-guess all their actions and back down when unelected tribunals rule against them.

More information on the FIPA: canadians.org/action/2012/Canada-China-FIPA.html