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Alberta, it doesn’t end here

I’m writing to say even though the election result last night was not what we hoped for, Council of Canadians supporters like you came together for a better future for all Albertans.

When the writ dropped, some thought it would be a coronation for Jason Kenney because of the merger between the Progressive Conservatives and the Wild Rose Party. Instead, it was a fight to the finish line with much care and concern expressed about how we do things here in the province.

Thanks to generous donations from Council of Canadians supporters across Alberta leading up to the election, we were able to mobilize on the ground to engage voters and put tough questions to candidates about how they would address the reality of dwindling fossil fuel resources in the face of catastrophic climate change.

We teamed up with Progress Alberta for the #StopKenney campaign, which trained more than 100 volunteers who reached thousands of people in key ridings through phone calls, texts, and face-to-face conversations.

You and I know voting is only one small part of democracy. The momentum started in the #StopKenney campaign will continue – and must continue – past Election Day.

Together, we will build a strong cross-movement coalition to push for the creation of good new jobs in the green economy and a just transition to protect workers. That’s how we’ll build a climate-safe future, not just for Alberta, but for all of Canada.

And thanks to the Council’s dedicated local chapters across Alberta, which are run on the power of grassroots volunteers, we have been able to build public support for the Bighorn provincial park plan, oppose Teck Resources’ Frontier mine, the largest single oil sands mine proposed to date, lobby for public health care with the Alberta Pharmacare Working Group, and support struggles for Indigenous solidarity.

All of these efforts – locally, across Alberta, and across the country – are part of what makes the Council of Canadians a force for social and economic change. In the face of water and climate crises, your commitment and support will help build the better future we all know is possible.

Please chip in whatever you can afford to help keep this critical work going strong.

Thank you for all you do.