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Yesterday, we visited Tiny Township on the shores of Georgian Bay for our sixth stop on the Great Lakes Needs Great Friends tour. Two years ago we helped defeat Dump Site-41 here and we were thrilled to return to our old friends from that campaign.  We visited the site itself before the evening event.  The barren gray hole that we walked across two years ago is now filled in and will soon become farm land again. All around us the red wing blackbirds were singing their hearts out- not for us of course, but we took a small bow nevertheless.

Last night’s event was held in the Tiny Community Centre- a great little hall off the beaten track. Unfortunately, the air conditioning was on the fritz and the capacity crowd was “sweaty shoulder to sweaty shoulder” to hear Tiny Mayor Ray Millar, Sierra Club’s Mary Muter and Vicki Monague-one of the Anishinabe women that started the peace camp that was instrumental in stopping Site 41.

At the end of the evening we presented a special award to the Leonard Family, who had fought against Site 41 for over 25 years. Gord Leonard passed away earlier this month and we were deeply moved by the words of Stephen Ogden about the tremendous efforts Gord and his family made to stop the dump. He will be missed by all that knew him

Tonight- Owen Sound.