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Barlow addresses United Nurses of Alberta convention

Twitter photo by @unajane   Twitter photo by @unajane

Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow spoke to 860 delegates at the United Nurses of Alberta 37th annual convention in Edmonton this afternoon.

Earlier today, Barlow tweeted:

In her speech, she stated, “The Harper government set out to profoundly change Canada. It has dramatically downgraded the federal role in medicare, denied refugees essential health and social services, given large corporations historic tax cuts and corporate friendly trade deals, and vilified dissent.” She then highlighted the need to build a powerful movement made up of progressive civil society organizations, labour unions and First Nations to counter this assault. And she shared her firm belief that this movement can be built and that we must never give up.

Jane S. tweeted after her speech, “Thank you @MaudeBarlow for bringing us hope for this world. We must work together 4 a better world. You are our hero!” Paula Doucet Jones tweeted, “@MaudeBarlow speaking about saving Canada and what we value, awesome message.” And Anna Marshall tweeted, “Having my eyes opened by @MaudeBarlow.”

United Nurses of Alberta is the union for more 30,000 Registered Nurses, Registered Psychiatric Nurses and allied workers in Alberta. The president of UNA is Heather Smith, who is from Local 79 Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre &Grey Nuns Community Hospital. Smith also sits on the Board of Directors for the Council of Canadians.

For more information on the United Nurses of Alberta, please see their website, Facebook page and visit them on Twitter.

Twitter photos by @unajane