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Barlow ‘unbottles’ campaign against free trade

The Kenora Daily Miner and News reports late this afternoon that, “The chairperson for the largest advocacy group in Canada was in Kenora on the ‘Unbottle It’ campaign encouraging municipalities to stop selling bottled water and in the end, unbottled a campaign opposing the proposed Canadian free trade deal with the European Union.”

“Maude Barlow was speaking alongside Sid Ryan, Ontario president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and the Kenora riding’s federal NDP candidate, Tania Cameron, on Wednesday night when the question period turned to trade.”

The newspaper quotes Maude saying, “The system they promoted for the last 30 years that told us it was going to bring hope to us all is such nonsense. We have been betrayed by the promise of free trade capitalism and unlimited economic growth where everyone can have everything. We have been betrayed by it and most importantly, the Earth has been betrayed by it. (The proposed Canada-European deal is) the most dangerous of free trade agreements that our government has ever entered into.”

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