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BP, you have been officially unwelcomed from our waters

Despite the sombre tone and the reality that BP’s Seadrill-commissioned West Aquarius arriving in Nova Scotia waters, people came out ready to party and really let BP know they’re unwelcome to exploit our offshore. Unwelcome to threaten Mi’kmaki with another potential catastrophic Gulf of Mexico-style disaster. Unwelcome to destroy our marine ecosystem. Unwelcome to risk the fishery and tourism industries, also known as the backbone of our economy.

We found out last week that the West Aquarius had begun the trip from Bay Bulls NL to our waters, a bold move at 260,000$/day without the approval from the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (read our response here). Unsurprisingly, that approval came on Saturday.

So, with party plans including black balloons, an unwelcome card and wilted flowers, we threw down outside BP’s offices at Founders Square in Halifax today. Our attempt to hand-deliver the card and balloons was denied so we stuck to the lobby with security and police watching on, we sang, drummed, prayed, and wrapped up with a toast to protect the waters and to remind BP they are very unwelcome to the territory.

And then we danced.

Photo credit: Monica Phung