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British Columbians Call for a Provincial Inquiry to Protect Health Care

On September, 27th as members of the British Columbia Health Care Network, we asked our Council of Canadians’ British Columbian members to sign a petition asking for a provincial inquiry into the Medical Services Commission’s (MSC) failure to protect access to health care. And oh my goodness did you respond! Within 72 hours 450 Council members signed the petition. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We’re thrilled with the response!

As you may know the Copeman Healthcare Centre in Vancouver charges close to $4000 in membership fees for preferred access to the doctors working there, the majority of whom bill B.C.’s public health insurance plan for their services while only seeing patients who are members of this exclusive clinic.

The MSC is the government agency responsible for ensuring that all B.C. residents have fair and equitable access to medical care. Yet when the provincial government asked the MSC to audit Copeman to determine if it was operating in violation of provincial and federal health law, the MSC found no evidence of wrongdoing. BCHC has since found some very serious flaws in the way this audit was conducted.

Access to medically necessary services is guaranteed for all Canadians. The Council is outraged at the failure of the British Columbian government to ensure its clinics are abiding by the principles of the Canada Health Act.  

For further information on the Copeman centre and the petition, click here.