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British groups mobilize against Trump’s planned visit to the UK later this year

The Council of Canadians petition against Trump’s visit to Canada.

US Donald Trump’s planned visit to the United Kingdom later this year is sparking a mass mobilization against his racist and misogynist views.

Our ally UK-based ally Global Justice Now director Nick Dearden has posted, “The Stop Trump Coalition has already put Trump off coming to London twice, and we look forward to making it third time also unlucky. If he does come, make no mistake, there will be massive demonstrations and protests to show exactly how we feel about this US President, and give voice to those who he has attacked and demeaned.”

Dearden adds, “Theresa May should never have offered a state visit to Trump, particularly at a time when he’d just entered office on the back of a disgraceful, hate-filled campaign. This was completely unprecedented and in no way reflected what the British people think of this man. She has no one but herself to blame for this embarrassing situation.”

Another UK-based ally War on Want – with 31.6K followers on Twitter – has tweeted, “State visit or ‘working’ trip, we must show that #Trump and his politics are not welcome in the UK. We will oppose #misogyny, #racism and #Islamophobia. We will #resist.”

And Guardian columnist Owen Jones – who has 728K followers on Twitter – has tweeted, “It’s official: Donald Trump is coming to Britain later this year. Let’s make sure he’s met by the most incredible protest in history.”

It already sounds like it will be a massive protest. On Monday, The Hill reported, “Nearly 90,000 people have indicated interest in a massive protest being planned for President Trump’s state visit to the United Kingdom later this year. At least 23,000 people have responded that they are ‘going’ to a Facebook event called ‘Protest Trump’s visit’, and at least 65,000 have marked that they are ‘interested’ in the event.”

The main organizing group, as noted above, is the Stop Trump Coalition. Its Twitter account – @UKStopTrump, which has with 20.5K followers – has posted, “The Stop Trump Coalition is a network of grassroots campaigns, unions, NGOs and politicians initiated by journalist Owen Jones in February 2017. Stand Up to Trump brings together campaigns against war, racism and austerity; trade unions, faith groups, public figures and others, who have pledged to protest against a Trump visit.”

Notably, Newsweek has reported, “Trump reportedly told May last year that he would not be visiting the UK unless she could ‘promise’ a ‘warm welcome’.” That warning sprang from 1.8 million people in the UK signing a petition saying Trump should not be granted a state visit and pledges of mass demonstrations against him.

Trump is now scheduled to visit Canada on June 8-9 for the G7 summit and the Trudeau government wants to ensure he won’t be met with mass protests here.

Last year, The Globe and Mail reported, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Trump have pledged to meet, but a high-profile visit to Parliament any time soon seems unlikely. Sources familiar with the Trudeau government’s plans say Canadian officials are worried that mass protests would disrupt Mr. Trump’s visit to Canada, and that view has been shared with the President’s team.”

So now the RCMP website states, “During the G7 Summit, the Integrated Security Unit (ISU) will ensure that the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression for all is respected. A free speech area will be set up for this purpose in La Malbaie for the duration of the event. The location has not yet been determined.”

This prompts concerns that the ‘free speech area’ will be far out of sight of Trump and reminders that all of Canada should be a free speech area.

The Council of Canadians has launched this petition to stop Trump’s visit to Canada.

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