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Broderick calls for Harper’s EI changes to be scrapped

Rabble.ca reports, “The PEI Coalition for Fair EI is asking tourists to support Island workers in their fight to defend Canada’s Employment Insurance Program.”

“Since 2011, Conservative Government changes have reduced Island workers’ access to Canada’s Employment Insurance program. Most notably, the January 2013 overhaul of the program penalizes repeat claimants and requires workers to look for and accept lower paying work further from home. Many feel these changes are putting pressure on Prince Edward Islanders to leave the Island in search of work.”

Charlottetown-based Council of Canadians vice-chairperson Leo Broderick says, “For a seasonal economy like PEI’s this ongoing gutting of the EI program is devastating. Tourist havens like PEI can’t exist without seasonal workers. If the rest of the country wants to keep enjoying what the Island has to offer — our hospitality, beaches, lobster, agricultural products, beautiful landscapes–we need to find a sustainable way to uphold this economy and support these workers. We can start by reversing these changes.”

He has previously commented, “The people in these communities believe it is the policy of the federal government to create this situation in Prince Edward Island to shut down communities so that they will have to go serve the oil patch in Alberta and Saskatchewan.”

Today the Coalition greeted passengers on the cruise ship Princess Ruby as they re-boarded the ship after spending the day on the Island. The Coalition asked them to sign a postcard they have produced directed at the federal government calling for the changes to EI to be scrapped.

To find out more the group, please see the PEI Coalition for Fair EI Facebook page.

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