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CEP says election needed if there is no help for forestry workers

The Montreal Gazette reports that, “Officials from the Communication Energy and Paperworkers (CEP) union will sit down with Liberal delegates (on Tuesday June 16) to discuss the prospect of defeating the (Harper) government over ‘phantom promises’ to a devastated forestry industry.”

“The CEP, which represents about 60,000 of the country’s 300,000 forestry workers, will recommend the Liberals bring down the current government if there is ‘no clear support’ for the ailing industry.”

CEP president Dave Coles says, “If it takes an election to save our jobs and our families and our communities, then let there be an election.”

“The union says 55,000 forestry were lost in the last two years and fear the majority of Canada’s 300 forestry towns are at risk if changes aren’t made to help the industry.”

If the Harper government were to fall in a non-confidence vote this coming Friday, the earliest election date would be Monday July 27.

The CEP media release, ‘Canada’s largest forestry union calling on the Liberal Party of Canada to defeat the Conservative government if there is no clear support for the forestry industry’, is at

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