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CETA minister comes to Hfx; too Fast for us

Angela G and Ali V try to catch up with Minister Fast in Halifax to discuss their concerns with CETA

With only twenty-four hours notice, Ali and I decided to try to catch up with Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade, while he was in Halifax promoting the many “benefits” CETA will have for business leaders in the region (CETA stands for the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, currently being negotiated between Canada and the European Union).

The media release of Mr. Fast’s visit indicated there would be an opportunity to talk with the minister. We decided to take part and ask some important questions. At the end of a dark and somewhat confusing hallway (likely to discourage pesky concerned citizens) we found the appropriate venue… Closed door. No windows. No indication of human life. This must be it! After ringing the buzzer, a voice over a speaker asked us what we wanted.

“We’d like to hear what Minister Fast has to say about CETA.”

(Indistinguishable mumbling and grumbling from behind the door.)

After a few minutes, a woman appeared, clearly one of Mr. Fast’s handlers, with a smile oozing of insincerity and suspicion. Limp handshake, fake smile, a patronizing laugh in response to our inquiry. She was curious to know what our interest was in the Minister and in CETA (pronounced “set-a” – incorrect, but thanks for trying), the contents of our bags (laced with dangerous propaganda of course) and who we represented. She took the time to explain (several times in fact) that the Minister was in a private closed-door meeting, but that she would see if he could squeeze in some time for us in between his important meetings.

We waited eagerly for the Minister’s phone call… but surprisingly, the phone never rang. When trying to contact the woman later, we were strangely directed to the messaging system of an unknown person.

And so, as fast as we heard he was here, he was gone. I guess we just can’t keep up with Fast Eddy.

Note: Mr. Fast is actually in the picture below but was moving so quickly he was not captured by our regular camera lens…