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Clinton says ‘we can promote more procurement’ with Canada

The Globe and Mail reports that, “The United States will work with Canada to find a way to alleviate concerns surrounding the Buy American policy in the U.S. economic stimulus bill, which some say is shutting Canadian companies out of lucrative contracts, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Saturday.”

Clinton said, “I’m well aware of the concerns that there may be elements of the international trade obligations or absences of agreements that should be looked at so that we can promote more procurement and other kinds of trade interactions. …And I have assured Minister Cannon that we will take a close look at that.”

Clinton also said, “We take (our international trade obligations) very seriously. Obviously, Canada is our No. 1 trading partner. It is a mutually beneficial relationship that we intend to not only nurture, but see grow.”

Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon said, “I was able to bring the secretary of state up to speed on this issue, and at the same time, get assurances that we would look to find different options to make sure that what we already have built as a solid foundation can continue to flourish and to prevail.”

On June 5, the Globe and Mail reported that, “The Canadian government is asking the provinces to join it in creating a new trade deal with the United States …Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he wants to bring the awarding of local contracts – in both the United States and Canada – under the free-trade umbrella.”

The Globe and Mail also reported at that time that, “In a late-afternoon conference call yesterday …Canada’s premiers agreed to back Prime Minister Stephen Harper as he moves to exempt the country from Buy American policies …The provinces have not yet, however, agreed unanimously to commit to seeking (a deal that would open local procurement to outside bidders.).”

“Jayson Myers, president of Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters …penned a letter to Mr. Harper applauding the idea of negotiating a trade deal for local-government procurement, but asked him to press Mr. Obama for a more immediate exemption.”

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