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Congratulations to our 25000th Nestle Boycotter

Congratulations to Allison Venditti of Toronto who was the 25000th person to join the Nestle boycott! We are sending Allison a copy of Maude Barlow’s latest book-Boiling Point, as well as a bunch of “Boycott Nestle” buttons and stickers. 

Allison first heard about the issue when a friend from Vancouver sent her this link: www.canadians.org/nestle

Hey Allison, why did you decide to sign on to the boycott?

Because I believe that water is a human right. I have small children and protecting that right for them is not just important but necessary

What do you think about bottled water?

I think it is unnecessary (in the majority of Canada) and wasteful. Buy a reusable container, fill it with tap water….Go

Any final thoughts about it all?

People turn a blind eye and think that this doesn’t affect them. In 10 years I hope that we will laugh at the absurdity of major corporations wanting to buy our water reserves. I fear though that in 10 years that water rights will be a huge human rights issue in Canada.

Thanks to everyone that has joined the boycott so far!

Be sure to tune in to the Rick Mercer Report tonight to hear Rick’s Rant about Nestle! 

And please share the boycott info with all your friends!