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Council of Canadians activist Leo Broderick receives Order of P.E.I.


As reported by the Guardian, long-time Council of Canadians activist and former Board member Leo Broderick “often gets up on a soap box, but never tries to put himself on a pedestal.”

Broderick was one of three inductees into the Order of Prince Edward Island. He accepted his award at a ceremony earlier this week.

He was described as “a man outspoken and well-informed on social justice and environmental concerns but one also respectful of the opinions of others.”

Broderick, a former teacher, told The Guardian he was “shocked’’ when he first learned he was selected this year as a member of the Order of P.E.I., which puts his name on a list that includes pioneer doctors, renowned entrepreneurs and heralded former political leaders.

“It is a recognition of the kind of work that not only I do but dozens and dozens and dozens – hundreds of Islanders – do to bring about change,’’ he said. “So, in many ways I see it as a thank you and I was pleased to be able to accept.’’

Broderick has many stories to share about his activism. He has marched and rallied for social justice around the world and has even been pepper sprayed in five different continents. He works with members of the Council of Canadians’ PEI chapter, as well as allied groups and organizations.

His drive has always been to speak truth to power. With the Council of Canadians, he has stood up to corporate power, which has grown with transnational trade agreements that have stripped countries and governments of their ability to make decisions for the benefit of people and the planet. He is a passionate health care advocate, and has also been a leader in water protection and the fight against genetically modified organisms.

“So, you mobilize, you organize, agitate and eventually enough people come on board (so) you can bring about change,’’ said Broderick, who added he sees no end in sight to his activism.

Speaking of the three Order of P.E.I. recipients, Premier Dennis King said, “You are shining examples of the very best of Prince Edward Island.”

According to the Guardian, the Order of P.E.I., which was first conferred in 1996, recognizes Islanders for displaying individual excellence or outstanding leadership in their community and in their chosen occupation or profession.

The Council of Canadians extends warm congratulations to Leo Broderick for this incredible honour of his life’s passion and work.