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Council of Canadians raises concerns about the export focus of NB Power sale

The Halifax Chronicle-Herald reports today on the proposed sale of New Brunswick Power to Hydro Quebec.

The article notes, “Andrea Harden Donahue, Council of Canadians energy campaigner in Ottawa, said the deal between NB Power and Hydro-Quebec is based on a business model to sell exports into the northeastern U.S., which is demanding more supplies of renewable energy.”

“Ms. Harden Donahue said there is pressure in the U.S. by investors and federal regulators to take advantage of opportunities in Canadian markets and break up those utilities and export power. She said rumours about Hydro-Quebec eyeing Nova Scotia Power would be driven by the same business model to acquire NB Power.”

Andrea is quoted saying, “We’re seeing a business model driving the sale of New Brunswick Power, requiring the further expansion of hydro power in Quebec, which appears to be focused on export opportunities in the U.S. market. …I would suspect if a deal is brokered regarding Nova Scotia’s power system, the same underlying motives would be present.”

We will have further analysis on this proposed sale in the coming weeks.

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