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Council of Canadians says NB Power should remain public

The Daily Gleaner reports today that, “The Council of Canadians says New Brunswickers should object to any effort to privatize their utility and sell it off, in whole or in part.”

“Canada’s largest citizens’ organization is holding its annual general meeting in Saint John this weekend.”

Andrea Harden-Donahue, energy campaigner for the council, says, “We feel this is heading in the wrong direction in terms of what needs to happen with New Brunswick Power. Privatizing NB Power is not a positive direction.”

The article adds, “She said selling one province’s utility to a power company owned by another province treads into murky territory.”

Andrea says, “It raises a lot of unknowns in terms of what are the potential ramifications of one Crown corporation owning another.”

She adds, “Fundamentally it indicates a direction we would disagree with. Instead, the province should be looking at the advantages of having a Crown corporation such as NB Power and how that public company in public power can be part of that transition to a green economy.”

The full article can be read at http://dailygleaner.canadaeast.com/search/article/834644.