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Council of Canadians shares anti-LNG meme for #bcelxn17

The Council of Canadians is sharing social media memes in opposition to fracking and the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry in British Columbia.

The campaign calls on Liberal leader Christy Clark and NDP leader John Horgan to protect the right to water and ban both fracking and LNG.

Liberals – Their platform says, “Driving forward, Today’s BC Liberals will: 1) Work with project proponents and upstream gas producers to ensure that additional LNG developments are globally competitive for the next wave of LNG investment. 2) Work towards getting three LNG facilities moving to construction by 2020.”

NDP – Their platform says, “To ensure BC benefits, we will require LNG projects meet four conditions: 1) Projects must offer jobs and training for British Columbians, especially jobs for local people. 2) The people of BC must get a fair return for our resources. 3) Projects must secure full partnerships with local First Nations. 4) Projects must complete a made-in-BC environmental assessment, and achieve the highest environmental standards while respecting our commitments to combating climate change.”

Greens – Global News reports, “The Greens are adamantly opposed to an LNG industry, which is strongly supported by the B.C. Liberals and conditionally supported by the NDP.”

Voting day in the provincial election is May 9.

The Council of Canadians is a non-partisan organization that endorses no political party, but rather is committed to building a peoples’ movement capable of holding any government accountable to the public interest.