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Council of Canadians at the Tar Sands Healing Walk

Healing Walk

On, Eriel Deranger and Melina Laboucan-Massimo write, “Walking through the oilsands is nothing like flying over the oilsands, or driving past them. Starting today, June 27, hundreds of First Nations people from across Alberta, Canada and the rest of the world will meet in Fort McMurray, Alberta and walk for the last time past a Syncrude upgrader, past tailings ponds and heavy haul trucks.”

They add, “This year is the last healing walk, not because the oilsands will stop expanding tomorrow, but because our original goal has been achieved. First Nation communities, once isolated and at times fearful to talk about oilsands and their impacts, are no longer alone. The Tar Sands Healing Walk — a space and place for communities to come and share their concerns about oilsands development — has been crucial to creating First Nations solidarity in communities throughout Alberta, and also the rest of Canada and the United States, where First Nations are uniting because of their shared experiences living near oilsands extraction, pipelines and refineries.”

The Council of Canadians has participated in at least three of the five consecutive years of the Healing Walk.

This year, Edmonton-based organizer Aleah Loney and Vancouver-based organizers Leila Darwish and Brigette DePape, along with numerous Council of Canadians chapter activists and supporters, are at the Healing Walk. Loney has been coordinating transportation for the walk and tells us that “folks on site have been so generous stepping up as volunteers and lending vehicles to shuttle people to and from Fort McMurray.”

The Council of Canadians has also provided funding for two vans and other support to help with the Healing Walk this year.

For more information about the Healing Walk, please click here.

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