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Council contributes to CCPA-Nova Scotia’s Alternative Provincial Budget, launched yesterday

The CCPA-NS launched its’ annual Alternative Provincial Budget, entitled “Building Green, Inclusive, Thriving Communities” yesterday in Halifax. The launch comes a week prior to the release of the NS Liberal government’s budget.

The Budget provides an alternative to the neoliberal budgets we see from our governments time and time again, including the narrative that a good budget is a balanced budget, regardless of who suffers as a result. It proves that you don’t need to make cuts to health care in order to pay for roads and many other myths politicians would have us believe.

The Council of Canadians has participated in the working group that develops the Alternative Provincial Budget for over 5 years now, and usually leads the writing of the water section and supports the energy, health care and trade sections.

For a summary of the Alternative Budget for 2017, please click here. To read the full Alternative Budget 2017, please click here