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Council supporters share inspiring local renewable energy stories

After we asked the Council of Canadians network, it was amazing to hear from you about stories that are bringing you hope; from an elementary school teacher who is educating her students on climate change, to an avid cyclist/gardener/beekeeper, to people taking the street to march for a clean and just planet.

We heard from people concerned with moving in the wrong direction, like the cuts to Saskatchewan’s public transport, and the need for greater regulations to prevent catastrophes like the tailings ponds spills. We heard from you that we want renewables instead of new pipelines.

How awesome to hear about community-led solar projects! We were reminded of super inspiring projects, such as the ones led by the Tsouke First Nation who are operating a solar micro-grid, as well as other eco-projects.

We also loved hearing about a report done in the Northwest Territories on how to transition in NWT to 100% renewables by 2050. What if we had a similar report for every province? What if we had a similar report for all of Canada?

It was incredibly inspiring to hear about a solar project on Lasqueti Island in BC, and see a video describing the whole process. The solar project transitioned a public school off of diesel to solar! How amazing is this!

We are inspired by the London Chapter’s recent workshop on solar construction. The workshop was facilitated by Roberta Cory, the London Chapter Co-Chair, also farms her backyard in addition to farming a garden plot in Thames Park. She helped design her own passive solar home, which was featured in popular magazines and books. It was also facilitated by Celeste Lemire, the Chair of the London Chapter’s Urban Agriculture Committee, who is a London homeowner who farms her entire backyard. How cool is this?

Every day we hear about the brutal realities of climate change. Thank you for sharing with us stories that give us a reason to hope. These stories show us that another way is not only possible, communities are making it happen. Let’s continue to share and support these inspiring local climate solutions.