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Delta-Richmond chapter to host provincial election all-candidates debate, April 27

Source: CBC

The Council of Canadians Delta-Richmond chapter is hosting an all-candidates meeting for the May 9 provincial election.

The Delta Optimist reports, “The Council of Canadians Delta-Richmond chapter has an all-candidates meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 27 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the Ladner Community Centre.”

The CBC notes that the NDP have a 75.6 per cent chance of winning the election, while the Liberals have a 24.2 per cent chance of winning.

In their recently released platform, the NDP state:

Fracking: Most of BC’s natural gas is produced using hydraulic fracturing, a process that has been used in north eastern BC for decades. With the potential of a significant expansion of gas production in the years ahead, we will appoint a scientific panel to review the practice to ensure that gas is produced safely, and that our environment is protected. This will include assessment of impacts on water and, given recent minor earthquakes in the area, what role gas production has in seismic activity.

LNG: Christy Clark made her entire 2013 election campaign about LNG. Four years later, Christy Clark and the BC Liberals haven’t delivered a single major LNG project, and they allowed BC to be steamrolled in negotiations with big LNG companies. No LNG plants, no LNG jobs, no revenue to pay down debt, and bad deals that last decades into the future: that’s the Christy Clark legacy on LNG.

Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline: The Kinder Morgan pipeline is not in BC’s interest. It means a seven-fold increase in tanker traffic. It doesn’t, and won’t, meet the necessary conditions of providing benefits to British Columbia without putting our environment and our economy at unreasonable risk. We will use every tool in our toolbox to stop the project from going ahead.

Right to water: We will commit to and recognize the right to clean, safe drinking water through a renewed environmental assessment process that works with First Nations and communities to address the cumulative effects of development on ecosystems and watersheds.

Water Sustainability Act: We will review the Water Sustainability Act to ensure that high volume water users are paying for access fairly, and that drinking water sources are protected.

Mining: We will assess mining applications with an improved, properly resourced approvals process, to get to good decisions faster. We will increase exploration and development activity with continued support of the mining flow-through share tax credit, the mineral exploration tax credit, and by removing the PST from electricity used in mining.

Indigenous rights: We will adopt the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which has been accepted by 148 nations, including the Government of Canada.

The NDP platform can be read here.