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The European Union recognizes the right to water

EU@UN reports that, “On World Water Day, the European Union reaffirmed that all States bear human rights obligations regarding access to safe drinking water, which must be available, physically accessible, affordable and acceptable.”

“The EU also recognizes that the human rights obligations regarding access to safe drinking water and to sanitation are closely related with individual human rights – as the rights to housing, food and health. But even more than being related to individual rights, access to safe drinking water is a component element of the right to an adequate standard of living and is closely related to human dignity.”

“The EU acknowledges the fact that several United Nations bodies, civil society organizations, experts, practitioners, governments and others call for a broader recognition of the human right to water.”

“Access to adequate and safe sanitation constitutes one of the principal mechanisms for protecting the quality of drinking water. The EU applauds the efforts taken by some countries – including a number of EU member states – to improve this tragic situation, by taking specific measures, including legislative ones, at the national and international levels to improve access to safe drinking water and to sanitation.”

The full article is at http://www.eu-un.europa.eu/articles/fr/article_9601_fr.htm.