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Fifteen story tall red pines

The Council of Canadians is part of the Wolf Lake Coalition which represents businesses and organizations who support the Wolf Lake Forest Reserve and its inclusion within the Chiniguchi Waterway Provincial Park.

Our coalition partners write:

“Wolf Lake, located in the south-western part of the Temagami region, contains the largest contiguous old-growth red pine forest in the world. Towering red pines – some close to 300 years old – quartz cliffs, and sparkling blue lakes dominate the landscape.  The old-growth red pines found at Wolf Lake are part of an endangered ecosystem that is estimated to persist on only 1.2% of its former extent.

Wolf Lake is currently protected by “Forest Reserve” status, which means that logging is not permitted in the area.  However, mining activity is still allowed in the heart of Wolf Lakes’ ancient forests, and even on the lake bed itself. Allowing mining exploration in the area poses serious risks to the ecosystem.  Wolf Lake must be included in the Chiniguchi Waterway Provincial Park.  Otherwise this precious and irreplaceable forest may be lost in the short term interests of the mining industry.

The Wolf Lake old-growth forest, including substantial buffer zones on all sides, should be fully and permanently protected – under no circumstances should industrial activities be allowed to proceed in Canada’s largest old-growth red pine forest. This area should be permanently protected as part of a continuous corridor that includes the entire Wolf Lake Forest Reserve, all of Chiniguchi Lake, and the associated red and white pine forests. ”

The Toronto Star reports:

Last spring, the Alberta-based junior mining company Flag Resources, which is digging for gold in Wolf Lake, had one of its leases renewed for another 20 years. A second long-term lease is up for renewal in May……It was the Conservatives who created the Lands for Life agreement in the late 1990s. It was supposed to turn Wolf Lake into parkland once the mining rights expired. The agreement was reached between the government, environmental and industry groups who debated the use of Ontario land. Their plan allotted 88 per cent for industrial use, while 12 per cent — with unique ecological status — was to be protected…”

Call Minister Bartolucci today at 416-327-0633 and tell him to stop renewing mining claims and leases in Wolf Lake!

This link lets you send a fax to Premier McGuinty:  http://www.earthroots.org/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=172

More info:  http://www.savewolflake.org/

Check out this video:  http://vimeo.com/33890599