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Fredericton chapter fights back against fracking

Jean Louis Deveau has written ‘How to fight fracking: 9 resistance strategies from the frontline standoff in New Brunswick’, an article in the most recent issue of Alternatives Journal. Here are a few snippets from that article that include Council of Canadians references:

  1. “New Brunswick has become a cauldron of public pushback against fracking operations. Mark D’Arcy of the Fredericton chapter of the Council of Canadians estimates that there could be as many as 60,000 active wells in the licensed area held by SWN Resources Canada, a subsidiary of Texas-based Southwestern Energy Company.”


  2. “Messages on signs and T-shirts have also evolved over the past three years to become more positive and practical. The Fredericton chapter of the Council of Canadians recently issued a challenge on bright yellow signs and T-shirts that read ‘Jobs: You do the math’. These show that the number of jobs created for every million-dollar investment in clean energy production is up to seven times greater than those created by the same investments in the oil and gas industry.”


  3. “Fredericton’s Council of Canadians members have designed and used ‘Frack-fry’ costumes to demonstrate the increased risks of contamination in food grown in soil where shale gas mining occurs. The decorated appliance-sized cardboard boxes list many common ingredients found in fracking fluids on the back and are easy to make and wear. They’re a great way to draw attention in communities less familiar with shale gas.”


  4. “In December 2013, Council members constructed a pillory and used it to depict how the courts have put citizens in stocks, unable to live in a clean and healthy environment.”


  5. The article also notes a week-long civil disobedience training session delivered by Philippe Duhamel last fall and the bylaw prohibiting fracking passed in Inverness County, both of which had Council of Canadians participants.

This article is available online (link provided above), but I would encourage you to support progressive Canadian political magazines by picking up a copy of Alternatives Journal from a public library or from your local independent bookstore.

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