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Happy 14th anniversary Blue Planet Project

The Blue Planet Project was formed during the intervention against the World Water Forum in March 2000.

Co-founder Maude Barlow has written, “Had it not been for the initiative of the Blue Planet Project, launched by the Council of Canadians in the year 2000, and allied groups like Public Services International, the vast majority of the delegates from countries around the world would have been exposed only to the dominant message – and sadly incomplete picture – provided by the global water corporations.”

Since that intervention, the Blue Planet Project has organized to bring the message of water justice to the World Water Forums in Kyoto (2003), Mexico City (2006), Istanbul (2009), and Marseille (2012).

It has also done incredible work beyond these interventions, including helping to secure the United Nations recognition of the right to water and sanitation in July 2010. For more on the work of the Blue Planet Project, please see its website.

Happy birthday Blue Planet Project!

Photo: The Blue Planet Project marches against the World Water Forum, Marseille, 2012.