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Harper hires former White House press secretaries for media on energy, trade and climate change

The National Post reports this morning that the Harper government has hired two former White House press secretaries to assist the prime minister get timely media coverage in the United States on trade, US ‘protectionism’, energy security, climate change legislation, and the auto industry.

The National Post reports that, “The Prime Minister’s Office on Wednesday said it had retained Mike McCurry, a former press secretary to Bill Clinton, and Ari Fleischer, who held the same job during George W. Bush’s first term, on temporary contracts to help Harper land interviews with leading American television networks and newspapers.”

The article says this move, “comes amid persistent concerns in Canada’s business community about protectionism in the U.S. Congress. Lawmakers are considering policy initiatives this year that could have a significant effect on Canada, including energy and climate-change legislation…(Harper’s spokesman Kory Teneycke) would not disclose the cost to taxpayers of hiring Messrs. Fleischer and McCurry…”

The full article is at http://www.nationalpost.com/m/story.html?id=1500144&s=Home